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WELCOME TO Mizat Al-Khaleej Horizontal Drilling Co. ( MAHDCO )

Executive Summary

We take pride in stating that, Mizat Al-Khaleej Horizontal Drilling Co. ( MAHDCO ) is a fast-growing company, which is geared up for undertaking ‘ Oil, Water and Gas Development Projects“ so far meeting with tremendous success in the vast field of Oil and Water Industry.
MAHDCO possess a very competent position due to our professional standing in the market. We have a well-established technical infrastructure i.e. Horizontal Directional Drilling (HOD) machines and state of the art locating equipment etc. We are fully equipped to undertake the underground construction with Steel pipes and HDPE pipes at any ground conditions up to 1500 meters bore length. We wish to take this opportunity to express that the rich technical culture and the strong sense of responsibility inculcated into our highly skilled team, has enabled us to establish a sound Quality and Safety system which provides a very much desired confidence to our valued Client.
Mizat Al-Khaleej Horizontal Drilling Co. completed more than 10,000 linear meters of HDD Jobs at different Sites of Saudi Aramco, SWCC, Ministry of Water, National Water Company and in other projects.
MAHDCO is composed of seasoned leaders combined with technically competent and skilled individual that formed the team that were trained, positioned and committed to deliver performance excellence primarily on quality, safety and cost in which project management, safety and environmental concepts are of utmost importance in executing all engineering jobs or contracts.